Since we are a truly Kennel Free environment 24/7 that means we CANNOT have people coming and going for the safety of the dogs on property. This is why we have pic up and drop off services. If however these times do not work, you are welcome to drop off/pick up at our location by appointment only for the safety of our dogs onsite.

Drop off times are from 6:15am -8:30 am

Pick up times are from 3pm - 5pm

Please see the schedule below and we will always be happy to talk to you about this schedule as needed.


CVS- Lot directly behind the building.

Pick up 6:15 am                Drop off 3:45 pm


-285/College Dr. Office complex (pre-arranged only)

Pick up 7am - 7:10 am                 Drop off 4:40-4:50 pm

-Swift Creek Subdivision

Pick up 7:10-7:20 am       Drop off  4:40-5pm

-Huntington Subdivision/Edgewater Drive

Pick up 7-7:20 am      Drop off 4:40-5pm

-Publix Out front

Pick up 7:45 am               Drop off 5:15 pm


NOTE: If you cannot make these times please adjust your schedule or contact us. We MIGHT be able to be flexible in SOME areas.