Booking is accepted by phone only.

All Campers must complete a interview prior to their first stay. Please take this in consideration before boarding and ensure ample time is allotted to schedule and complete the interview before boarding is needed. Short notice boarding may not allow enough time to complete the interview and could interrupt your campers stay. This process is for the safety of all our campers.

Please contact us at 1-850-826-0668 for Patricia or 1-850-826-0669 for Steve

You must complete the Client release and Transportation forms online prior to your interview. Please fill out these 3 forms online, this does not work on a cell phone. Then please send in a copy of vaccinations to 850-826-0668 or Once all is received, we can set an interview.

Days of interviews are Mon- Friday 9, 10 & 11(weather permitted)

Interviews are NOT DONE THE WEEK BEFORE HOLIDAYS, or on Holidays.